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The High Strangeness: Of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction by Laura Knight-Jadczyk (2006-05-04)


The High Strangeness: Of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction by Laura Knight-Jadczyk (2006-05-04)

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Review Text

  • By J.A.R. on 29 October 2007

    I have read my share of "UFO" related material over my life, which left me right where I started, with more questions than answers. I found that, The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, addresses the core issues/questions of what is going on behind the curtain. The author doesn't fall prey to the typical disinformation that's out there. Of particular interest to me was the advanced technology that is being used and how easy it is for us humans to see it as something else.

  • By Zach on 28 November 2007

    By using her detailed research on the Unidentified Flying Objects phenomenon based on the clues from her superluminal communication with the Cassiopaeans, Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote the most insightful work entitled "The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction," which was published in 2005. The book brings the reader to see a unique perspective on the UFO phenomenon by offering the relevant information, detailed research, and the author's experiences. There are four parts in the book with the additions of "Foreword" and "Author's Letter to the Reader." Throughout "The High Strangeness," there is a certain understanding about how certain hyperdimensional race have been interfering with our reality and their relationship with our world by looking briefly at who are Cassiopaeans, the Lizards, and the Grays.By experimental channeling with the various entities outside of our known physical reality, the author has finally discovered a group of entities outside of our time and space called the Cassiopaeans in the summer of 1994 as evident in the eighth chapter of Part One. The first part of the book revealed the author's experiences leading up to the first contact with the Cassiopaeans. The Cassiopaeans revealed to be situated in the Sixth Density, which is considered to be a higher level of awareness, and human beings are Third Density beings. Densities are referred to awareness/consciousness energy levels. Knight-Jadczyk addressed more fully on the subject of dimensions and densities in the first chapter of Part Three of her book.Cassiopaeans also said: "we are you in the future," which brought about a great confusion as to what they really mean by that. There are several interpretations: they are communicating from the future if one is using a linear thinking, they are communicating from a higher level of awareness or 'higher consciousness' where we would likely to be at in the future, or they are communicating from the author's subconscious mind (p. 190).If one is wondering how Cassiopaeans communication is any different from other channeled communications, a mathematical/theoretical physicist and the author's husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, has called it the 'Critical Channeling' as he provided an explanation in the "Foreword" of the book:"The Cassiopaean channeling has characteristics of a scientific experiment. (...) With scientific standards in mind. The Cassiopaean channeling is Critical Channeling. It is in this respect that it is different from other channeling. And it will stay so."The difference is in the approach. We are searching for the truth. Others who make unilateral statements that all channeling is crap are sure that they know it and would like to impose it on other people, or manipulate other people into believing what they say. And naturally, when such individuals state such things, they claim that it comes from God or some equally authoritarian source, but when someone else dares to have a different way of finding the truth, it is necessarily '100% disinformation' and 'crap.'"We try to share our thoughts, and when necessary, we are ready to learn and change. And that is what is most important. This attitude of being open." (p. 15)And, as related to her channeling, the author pointed out:"We...take the approach of a sort of scientific mysticism - where mystical claims are submitted to rational analysis and testing, and the required scientific proofs are modified to allow for the nature of evidence from theorized realms outside of our own where ordinary scientific proofs might not apply." (p. 30)Unlike other channeling communications, Knight-Jadczyk used her critical thinking and research skills to verify the claims from the Cassiopaeans instead of taking them at face value. The Cassiopaeans constantly encouraged the author as well many others to learn by discovery and through study, and they never give the 'answers' all at once as most of other channeling communication seemed to have done. In a sense, the Cassiopaean channeling was an inspiration for the author's work. In this book, Knight-Jadczyk included the "Questions & Answers" communications with the Cassiopaeans to address the issue on many areas of 'high strangeness.'The Cassiopaeans are what is considered to be STO or Service to Others. However, the Lizards or Reptilian beings are STS or Service to Self whom are from Fourth Density. The Lizards are what perceived to be as the 'bad guys' because, as evident in the book, they feed on the energies of the human beings rather than 'helping' the human race. And, the Grays are the 'aliens' that are commonly known in the eyewitness accounts worldwide. The Grays are "cybergenetic probes and decoys created by the Reptoids" and they are considered to be 'soulless robots' for the Lizards (p. 224). The author has discussed in length about the Grays in Part Three of her book.It is important to note out that the Grays are the projections of the Lizards. The Cassiopaeans stated that:"[The Grays] function by interaction with the souls of the Lizard beings...the Gray beings are not only built and designed artificially, but also function as a projection mentally and psychically of the Lizard beings. They are like four dimensional probes...They have all the same capabilities of the Lizard beings except for the fact that their physical appearances is entirely different and they do not have souls of their own and also their biological structure is internally different. But, their functioning is the same and in order to remain as projection beings they also must absorb nutrients in the same fashion both spiritually and physically as the Lizard beings do." (p. 225 - 6)From reading the book, the Grays are not visitors from other planets as one would like to think, and they most certainly are not here to 'help us.' They are created for Third Density realm by Fourth Density beings in order to abduct certain human beings, and we are their foods, as that is painful truth.Laura Knight-Jadczyk's work is unique in such a way that one would never have thought about our reality, our dimension, and our density. She brought a new perspective to the whole understanding about the UFO phenomenon, and her book do not fall under the same patterns of thinking or speculation as do other books on the subject of UFO. As a way to understand the issue of UFO, the author also brought in the works of Jacuqes Vallee, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Karla Turner, Richard Dolan, and other researchers. One will see from this book that the author has put together the pieces in a most accurate direction. And, by using the clues from her communication with the Cassiopaeans and her research on UFO and the alien abductions, Knight-Jadczyk tied together her hypothesis to bring about the most painful conclusion - the humanity is NOT on top of the food chain.By looking briefly at who are Cassiopaeans, the Lizards, and the Grays in Laura Knight-Jadczyk's "The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction," one can comprehend how hyperdimensional race has interfered with our reality and what was their relationship with our world and the human race. For those who are interested in the UFO phenomenon, Knight-Jadczyk's book will surely awaken one's mind to the fact that not everything is what it seems. In fact, this book will compel the reader to question the reality that one is in and to question everything that one knew on the subject. It will most certainly drive the reader to question one's place in the world. This book is easily read, and it contained a powerful message to all humans whom wish to know the truth. It is a truly rewarding read. With a humble opinion, "The High Strangeness" is to be strongly recommended.

  • By Lila on 7 November 2007

    This work examines the possibility -- in the light of facts and through the study of dimensions and densities -- of the existence of hyperdimensional beings who would master and shape our reality.Conscious of the heap of disinformation under which this subject has been (willingly) buried, Laura K-J separates the wheat from the chaff, and in all impartiality, extracts the quintessence : the real nature of hyperdimensional realities and the process of alien abductions. She reveals a shocking reality, far away from the comforting and sweet new age myths about our "space brothers".An absolute must-read !

  • By Aeneas on 27 June 2007

    Laura Knight Jadczyk brings the reader through an interesting journey to the point of pondering if not realising that we are not at the top of the food chain. The source material include Gurdjieff, Sufism and Carlos Castaneda to mention a few and are corroborated by the author's own experiments into Superluminal Communication.The book is up to date with a big discussion of COINTELPRO - Counter Intelligence Programs - the very mechanism put in place to keep humanity from waking up from it's sleep. To this end the New Age Movement was set up and heavily promoted as it ensured that people remained asleep while thinking that they were waking up. The Matrix movie is an apt depiction of the state that humanity finds itself in as the book describes very well.A thoroughly enjoyable book that will leave the reader question their reality while leaving the door open for a way out of the Matrix.

  • By Giovanni Vignoli on 3 March 2009

    I've read it a couple of years ago. This work it's the building block of the whole UFO phenomenon, it goes to the root of the problem explaining from where to start, which perspective to take before going through it. Without the proper perspective very few can be achieved.It's mainly because too often, UFO literature can be simply discouraging. On can memorise a handful of informations, cases, sightseeings and so on and yet come up with no real understanding of what has been archived. The solution really is a hyperdimensional one, covering all kind of sciences, in constant need of new material and clearer directions to have the proper tools at hand.

  • By B. Kopenhaver on 18 June 2007

    Overall the author takes you through many different aspects of the alien phenomena. Further, it takes you outside the box and forces questions regarding aliens that are rarely raised.If you're a UFO nut or just someone trying to get a handle on the phenomena it's a great read with no fluff. Highly reccomended.

  • By M. Longaz on 12 November 2007

    I think most people have stayed up late at some point in their lives watching a movie or reading a book about aliens, the unknown or topics of this nature and have had a spooky fear come over them that was hard to shake. For me the moment I most remember was when I was reading the book 'The Mothman Prophecies.' If you have had this fear and want to understand why you can feel it in your bones but can't put a finger on its origin, read this book.

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